Auto Body Repairs in Tyler, TX

We'll pop your car body back into place after a crash

Have you acquired a new dent on your car? Don't stress over the body repairs. Depend on Tyler's Custom & Collision to get your vehicle back into its original sleek configuration. We repair metal, plastic and fiberglass. Best of all, we can repair your door or trunk without taking the whole vehicle apart. Call us to make an appointment for auto body panel repairs in Tyler, TX.

3 reasons you can't put off auto body repairs any longer

Tyler's Custom & Collision works hard to offer top-notch auto body repairs in Tyler, TX. We can help you avoid replacing parts of your vehicle with our expert repair services.

It's time to get body work done if:

  1. Your driver's side door won't close
  2. Your trunk is squished and won't open
  3. Your headlights or taillights are broken

Call 903-617-6101 to set up an appointment at Tyler's Custom & Collision.

5 reasons to get auto body repairs

While auto body damage doesn't always mean you can't drive your vehicle, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to take care of minor or significant damage. Tyler's Custom & Collision will provide auto body repair services so you can:

  1. Be sure there are no underlying mechanical issues
  2. Pass a required state inspection when the time comes
  3. Make sure all the necessary parts are functioning properly
  4. Maintain your vehicle's value for a potential resale
  5. Prevent cosmetic or mechanical issues from getting worse

It's important to maintain your vehicle for your safety and the safety of those around you. Bring your vehicle to Tyler's Custom & Collision today for auto body repair services in Tyler, TX.

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